Getting Started with Ant

First, declare the ant tasks in your ant build. You may define them all at once using the antlib.xml

    <taskdef resource="com/appsecinc/ant/antlib.xml">
          <pathelement location="wsit-ant-tasks.jar" />

Or, you can choose to include the tasks individually:

    <taskdef name="wsit-client" classname="com.appsecinc.ant.WsitClientTask" classpath="wsit-ant-tasks.jar"/>
    <taskdef name="wsit-service" classname="com.appsecinc.ant.WsitServiceTask" classpath="wsit-ant-tasks.jar"/>
    <taskdef name="wsit-clean" classname="com.appsecinc.ant.WsitCleanTask" classpath="wsit-ant-tasks.jar"/>

Now check out the documentation on the individual tasks

Getting Started with Maven

First, declare the maven plugin in the plugins section of your pom.xml.


Then declare the specific plugin goals you wish to execute via the executions tag.

Plugin Goals info.

The plugins section of wsit-maven-plugin-itest/src/test/resources/com/appsec/maven/wsit/it/mojotest/pom.xml shows an example of using all the maven wsitbt goals. That pom is the integration test of the maven plugin.